Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ah, Drew Barrymore. Annoying lisp? yes. A little too "free-spirited"? A lil' bit. Totally fabulous? I think so!

Paying homage to old Hollywood glamour, Drew Barrymore worked a figure-hugging Alberta Ferretti gown for the premiere of HBO flick, Grey Gardens. I love Drew's flapper look replete with cute wave, netted fascinator and of course those gorgeous red lips. I am all about this girl's style right now!


The End of an Era

After a good, almost 2 year run, My dear partner Suzanne and I have decided to part ways. While I stay on with Gift Shop Girls and this blog, Suzanne has set up shop as a solo Image Consultant, and My competition:) you can visit her fab new site at Your Shop Girl.

Look for big changes in the next few months, when I finally get my army of "free spirited" (re: flaky) web guys to finally complete the New Gift Shop Girls site, which will include a name change down the road.

Cheers to Suzanne and her new venture!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Date Night

Ah, Spring. Rebirth, renewal….romance! This time of year, many of us find ourselves immersed in the dating scene, whether it be with new loves, or old flames. It’s fun and exciting right? But we have one question: what is the perfect date outfit?

For some of us, it’s a jeans and a t-shirt, for some lucky few it’s a ball gown. But for those of us who feel unsure, there are a few easy rules to follow:

1. Don’t wear something you have never worn before. It’s a good rule to wear something you feel comfortable in, has proven it’s reliable, and you know looks good.

2. Be yourself. Let your outfit be a refection of your personal style. if you put on an outfit that feels like a costume, it will be difficult to take your mind off of your appearance and focus on your date.

3. Show off your best feature. Great legs? Show ‘em off. Sexy cleavage? A lower neckline will surely impress. Got both? Luck you!...but only pick one asset to flaunt, too much flesh is certainly overkill.

4. Layers. Spring weather can still be a little hard to predict. Be sure to bring a quick and easy cover-up to throw over yourself if the temperature dips (see the trench post below for inspiration). A blazer is a sexy alternative with casual jeans, or try it over a dress with a funky belt.

5. Have fun with it! Walk out the door feeling sexy and confident. If your outfit requires a lot of maintenance (i.e.: fidgeting, hiking up, adjusting.. )ditch it and try an alternative. The goal after all is to look good, have fun, and show off your killer style!

Now go out there and get lucky! ….Because you’re worth it


April Showers Bring May Flowers....

Hi Everyone! Forgive me, it's been a while since my last post. A special note from the lovely Miss Becca over at Femme Next Door kicked me in the butt, and reminded me to post!

It's been a particularly dreary week here in our fair city, and that got me thinking trench coats.

There is no doubt that a well fitting trench is one of the most classic wardrobe staples of all time, as well as a must-have for any woman who lives anywhere where there is the slightest hint of precipitation.

The perfect trench for you makes you look and feel sophisticated, put together, and smart. If you find the classic camel/beige shade to be a bit dull for you, try one in an eye-popping shade of fuchsia, green or red, or find one in an interesting pattern that reflects your personal style.

When summer finally rolls around and drives our blues away, pop that sexy trench in the closet, and forget about it until the Fall. Your perfect trench should do double duty for you in the autumn months.

Right now I am loving the modern takes on the classic trench done by such labels as Club Monaco, Pink Tartan, and Soia and Kyo. All Canadian, EH!

Happy Trench Hunting:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Get a Little Support With Tryst Lingerie

We all love to put our best foot forward, and looking polished and put together is key to a positive Image. Often times, our best accessory is the one that no one can see at all.
When Personal Shopping, we always put a lot of emphasis on the importance of smooth, proper fitting undergarments. Unfortunately for most of us women, we are wearing the wrong bra size, and many of us don’t even know it.
Tryst Lingerie Toronto has bra fitting down to a science. Discreet and low key, you can walk in feeling dowdy and leave feeling liberated. The staff is incredibly well trained, and since boobs are their business, there is no need to feel awkward and exposed:)
Carrying top notch brands like Fantasie, Freya, Chantelle, Paige and more, they are brimming with beautiful undergarments for all shapes of women. A J cup? No problem! Tryst has you covered. They are also knowledgeable and sensitive to personal issues, such as with clients who have undergone mastectomy procedures.
Tryst goes above and beyond to make us feel like the beautiful goddesses we are, and the price tag doesn’t leave you feeling guilty either.
Tryst Lingerie, 2 locations- 465 Eglinton Ave West Tel: (416) 484-6678 and 559 Queen Street West
Tel: (647) 430-0994

I'm Loving....

Spring is around the corner, and my closet is eagerly anticipating some fresh new additions. First on my list? Some pieces from Lorick New York. The shapes and colour palettes of the Lorick spring 2009 collection really jumped out at me. The earthy tones, clean lines and feminine silhouettes are simply divine. Even us Canadian girls can get in on the action, Lorick can be found at Revolve Clothing.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Made In Canada

In my never ending search for online shopping that caters to Canadians, I came across Mudshark Streetwear. Proudly Canadian, Mudshark features a really healthy range of home grown designers like the Eco-friendly Flora and Fauna, Dace, and my personal fav Anastasia Lomonova. Prices are in Canadian dollars, and shipping won't break the bank. I think I might be doing some online shopping today...